House Rules

Arali is somewhere between a Bed & Breakfast and a Guesthouse. It’s a one bedroom villa with a living cum open kitchenette. It is not a resort.

1. Check-in from 1 p.m and Check-out by 11 a.m. Timings are flexible subject to availability.

2. As a courtesy to the neighbours, please be considerate of the noise levels when in the porch, garden and beach areas and maintain the calm ambience.
3. Smoking is not permitted inside the house. You may smoke in the porch or the Garden. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.

4. Bins are provided to help keep the grounds and beach areas clean.

5. We take special pride in keeping the beach area clean and request guests to not litter the beach with plastic, tetra packs and bottles.

6. Plants have been planted all over the property for your wellness; please do not uproot them or pluck their flowers.

7. Pets are not allowed in the property.

8. Going topless while sunbathing may offend local sensibilities.

9. Except for a few locked cupboards and closets, guests have access to the whole cottage and the private garden. Guests may come and go as they please with the given set of keys.

10. We ask you to be conscious of how you use the Energy:
a) Switch off all electrical equipment’s except the inverter and the fridge when you leave the Villa.
b) Turn lights off when you sleep, we have no ghosts that might be lurking. (You may leave the garden lights on.)
c) Do not plug high energy equipment’s in – like immersion heaters, electric kettles, electric heaters, AC etc when the inverter is on.

11. Interaction with Guests: Homeowner stays in the town nearby and therefore would be limited in availability on the premises. Gracie, our housekeeper lives next door and would be available at all times for any of your house related needs. You could also contact our staff over the phone for any other requirements that Gracie cannot help with. Interaction with guests would be welcomed on weekends.

12. We have put a lot of effort and love into making Arali: “your home away from home.” Please treat it like yours. Arali is for mature, sensible guests who respect our home, hospitality and culture. We do not entertain misconduct or inappropriate behaviour and reserve the right to refuse stay if the house rules are not abided by.